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Episode 4

Published on:

13th Jan, 2021

Episode 3

Published on:

6th Jan, 2021

Episode 2

Published on:

30th Dec, 2020

Episode 1

Published on:

23rd Dec, 2020

Episode 19

Published on:

16th Dec, 2020

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About the Podcast

Saga Kraft
Myths, stories, and how to use them.
Welcome to Saga Kraft.

Myths, fairy tales, legends: Stories comfort us, inspire us, and heal us. Please join us as we share stories, both old and new.

More than anything, we are open to the story and its unfolding. At times, it may be one story told by one person. At times, it’s the same story told through three different voices. In the end, we go were the story takes us . . . and we invite you to follow.

We are:
Sea, a writer artist and storyteller.
Betsy, a medium and teacher of mystery traditions.
Gabriela, an artist and practitioner of folk magic.
We’re magical fairy godmothers in training.

May our stories meet yours.