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Episode 1

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5th Aug 2020

Gulveig Heiðr

Welcome to Saga Kraft: myths, fairytales, legends stories, comfort us, inspire us and heal us. Please join us. As we share our stories, both old and new, more than anything, we are open to the story and it's unfolding at times. It may be one story told by one person at times it's the same story told through three different voices.

In the end, we go where the story takes us and we invite you to follow. I'm C a writer, artist, and storyteller. I'm Betsy, a medium and teacher of mystery. I'm Gabriela, an artist and practitioner of folk magic. We are magic. Oh, very common in training.

That I've chosen is the story of from the North Epic poem called the Sears prophecy or Volvo spa. And a little background is that the Norris and Viking and pre Viking times were not literate. The North myths were well known through oral tradition for the Norse. Inventing a new story was not valued as much as the poetic retelling of a known story.

The versions that we have of the myths were written during the times when conversion to Christianity had already occurred, when stories were still largely remembered. Before being written down myths were living and could change from storyteller to storyteller. Also there wasn't organized religion, but instead during those Viking and pre biking times, the heads of settlements, their wives, or even poets were the storytellers and officiator is that ceremonies and could tell the myths from their own perspective.

The Epic poem, Vola spa begins after creation has already occurred. And through the telling of the story, the Norris creation myth gets retold, including the story of GoBank herself. The story goes like this. A sear, a prophetess is summoned by the all father Odin King of the gods. She's a mighty practitioner of side in life and her power is vast and undiminished.

Oh, comes to her as a seeker and asks her about the oldest deeds of gods and men. She gives him much more than he asked for. She starts by remembering the night worlds and nine giant hisses, and that they raised her in those long gone days. She remembers the seed from which the world tree Yik dress cells sprouted that tree, which holds the nine worlds in the beginning.

There was no land, no sea, no earth or sky or a greenery. There was just a huge yawning, chaos void called goodness, a gap and an immense giant named Emir. Dismembering ear. Oh, then and his brothers created the nine worlds from his body in these worlds, the sun and the moon, and the stars help things to thrive, but they themselves knew no order, no knowledge of their true places and no sense of their true might.

All the God powers went back to the Thrones of fate, that place of the sacred gods and together, they made a decision and that decision became time itself. It's included the naming of night and day and the separation of them and the orderlies cyclical aspects of time. Then on the vast Plains of Eve, all the gods continued.

And created workshops and made temples high shrines, golden treasures, and many tools with which to create more happy about this. They played in their lush gardens and enjoyed the plenty they had created. They had lots of gold Ben, three terrible and powerful giantism came from Yotes and hammer the world of the giants.

Thus ending that golden age, the God powers went back to the Thrones of fate and decided to make dwarves many dwarves out of the remainder of the giant is rotting limbs. These dwarves were little and manlike. Three gods and full of people. Power and passion went back to mid guard and found two pieces of driftwood, ask an umbrella who were weak in capable.

And without it's looking in human, they had no breath, no soul and no life breadth. So, and life itself was given to them by the three gods and ask an envelope, became humans. That sprout of gig dress. So now grown into a mighty tree, develops drew drops from it as it stands forever green over IRT as well, three wise ones known as NORNS live under the tree at the well of fate or to Verdun day.

And sculled carved men's fates, determined Destiny's laws and the lifespan of every child born. They foretell the future by seeing what has already occurred in the past. And what is happening in the present? Spinning weaving, eventually cutting the sear. The prophetess remembers the first murder ever in the world occurred when go vague.

Golden liquid or power of gold was pierced by Spears and then burned in Oden's sacred halls. They burned her three times. She was reborn three times over and over. Not just a few times still each time she would leave again. I named her bright one, Heidi. She came into their homes as a sorceress who forced saga good and pleasing things.

She knew spirit magic. She knew saver. She practiced wise craft. She was favored by women. Then the powers, the sacred gods went to the Thrones of fate. And the question this time was whether the ACR or the sky gods alone should yield the tribute or. If all the gods, including the Vanya, the nature and land gods should share the sacrificial feasts.

After all Freya, a goddess of the Von air had brought the knowledge of bloat or sacred offerings to the ACR. What happened was Odin hurled, his spear into the host. That was the first war in worlds. The Ram part of the ACR stronghold was destroyed as the Vanya continuously attack the plane on which it was built with their magical war spells.

We're continued for some time and was costly with no one winning eventually truce was made between the ACR and Vania with hostages exchanged along with knowledge, but the golden age ended and Ragnarok, the end of all, the worlds was triggered. Very lovely. Thank you. I'm still in it. I'm I'm still in the story and I think I'll be in the story for a long time.

I feel like it's still unfolding. I feel like it's still going under and going back up. The first thing that I found intriguing and interesting is that before the concept of time, there was no form. There was no meaning it's with that concept of time and with time, destiny and dose two together creating form.

And giving birth to everything else, giving the word of everything else before which it was everything and nothing at the same time, until the time came into being the measure of time, I found it interesting that when time was created, then people knew themselves and understood something about their power and their true nature.

I actually feel confused about that. So I have to admit the time has always confused me a lot and I don't fully believe in it. I believe that it's a thing we use, but it is not nature to me. And so it's, it's not at all surprising to me though that time would contain meaning. Because as human beings, so much of our idea of our value is what we can complete within the time of our life.

And so I can totally see how that would translate immediately into meaning, but I wonder how destiny for that. Like if our, you know, what our meaning is, is our ability to accomplish or be, or provide during our time, then it's destiny. So in my mind, destiny or the immutable destiny of Orlov is sort of wording time itself.

That mean what way do they interact? How does destiny work with time? So to me, I think of it as feed versus destiny. I think it was destiny when we embrace it and we make it pleasant and fate when we fight it and we make it unpleasant. So, so how does it that fit into meaning? I don't really know. I found for myself as I was exploring this story and looking at different versions of it, meaning translated by different people like in the North tradition that each translation had a different flavor to it.

Even a different understanding of who go veg really is. Um, some people saw her as one of the evil, giant ASEs. You know, if we can say evil, but one of those dark and terrible giant Asus who came and changed everything. Other translators saw her as Freya as an aspect of Freya. And yet another version of her was the, of her as a Northern herself.

And can one be all of those things, perhaps? I don't know. But as I was trying to find the ground from which I wanted to stand, if you, if I could say that when I was sharing this myth and in a way I think I was asking for what's the most true version of it. What I was told was the version that finds its way through you through one, through the storyteller is the true version for that moment.

But I've found that this story has stayed with me as I've been exploring at a home has been working its way through me. So I'm very interested to hear what you have to say as well. I think the concept of the three giant offices and even that in the story, and, and I'm sure many versions of the story they're called evil and what that really means is.

Able to change things and the power of that and how to some, especially since it was probably taking form or written down in Christian times, the idea of feminine spirits of women, spirits, women, giantess, is being able to change things that would be terrifying. Another clue in this, I think too, is that notion of the northerns being able to foresee what happens in the future by looking in the past.

And what happens in the past is that the gods dismembered, the giant IE mirror. And so was that where it all began? It was that dismemberment of, of the giant. Actually the seeds were those three giant, I think, are those three giants passing through? Just kind of like the wave of, okay, you began this and we're carrying it.

Well, not even we're carrying it forward, but it's carrying forward in its own way. Yeah. Yeah, I totally view the whole thing as a domino effect. Like somebody flipped to that first step and it was done. It was just a matter of everything falling out. But yeah, so, you know, the concept blonde up and probably said it wrong and old Norris, it's the idea that something it's attributed largely to women and it literally means blend.

And it means blend in terms of mix in a way that makes better as if to learn and to incorporate and to process, but it also means to taint and to condemn and to undermine. And so it's that idea that women are particularly on the forefront of bringing in change. And that was probably largely because they came in from another group in order to marry, which meant they had loyalties to two groups and therefore they were dangerous.

But snarly actually has a remark in there too. About the golden age being the time before they were ruined by women.

Once again, power. Yup. That's the power. Of women as being able to mix, give, um, bring life and therefore bring death, right? All these things that are, that are dangerous things and just the gold of the whole concept of the women and the goal. Like there's a, there's a great benefit and a great beauty and a great price.

Which is also sort of inherent in the blonde that comes up. Although, honestly, when I say that, I think of that as children. That's how I feel about it. Children.

Is there ever a reason why they'll bright? One is speared. Is there ever a reason given why. Because if it's, you know, she's there and then she is, the decision is made for her to be killed. What came into that decision? Do we know how that decision came to be? And are there various points on this or different versions?

Yeah, I mean, there are several different versions about it. One of them is cute by the notion or the observation that this fearing of her. And the burning of her happened in Owen's hall. And, uh, how is a place of sacred hospitality? So the idea of what happened to her, then one begins to wonder, is there something sacred or sacral about that?

And also that, uh, you know, what happened after her burning was, then they go to start, you know, they'd go back to the place where they make their decisions, the gods and the powers do. And this time is the question is about who gets to make the offerings and who, and making the offerings in those times was also meant partaking of the offerings of them.

So, so it does seem as though there's something sacred about what happened there for her, and intentionally feels very intentional and destined to somehow. But by who's choosing. And again, you mean some translations when they were talking about who she became, who go there became after this three time death, which is of course an initiatory type of a death was that she, as a sorceress, came into people's homes and foresaw good things, pleasing things.

And in the end was favored by women, but often the translation or the statement is favored by evil women. So we don't know, was that something that was really felt during Viking times or was that something that was added later, but I decided as the storyteller to just say she was favored by women favorited by WISEWOMEN women.

I liked that version. So I feel like she was a giant test or whether she was sprayer, either one, she's a member of the older gobs, right. In both cases, that's the older gum set. And so in my mind that what really, demarcates the age there from those who went before them is that they're really the gods of civilization or the gods of culture.

And in many ways that makes them the gods of patriarchy. And so of course, they're going to have trouble with a more powerful, older, a woman who is getting more praise, particularly from other women. So in a way, the sear intends to give form to the formless and possibly claim. And it, and it's also a claim on nature because I do see her as, from that perspective as a nature mother, as of nature, as part of nature, And it's great communicator and everything in between life, death change cycles.

So maybe not time, but here in his case, the cycles and they're undefined, they can be, yeah. As long as they need to be in a short as they need to be. But it's, it's that potency of the cycle that is important, which she would have great knowledge of. It strikes me that this story, like any good myth really sets up templates of how things can go forward from here.

And we're talking not only about the creation story, but about that idea of going through some kind of a. Death of some sort out of which one becomes quite changed and actually refined. I mean, she went in as gold power or the power of gold or, or as one translator would say her name might mean gold power drink.

So is she the template for the sacred need itself that comes up later in the North Smith. That's a thought there. And then as the bright one sharing. Uh, as some translators say, sharing first with human women. And so that as a template for our wise women in mid guard, I think, yeah. Fill in that also. Bring some, some form of when sacred arts were passed from mother to daughter, grandmother to granddaughter.

And that same way, it's the specific of the mystery of one, not just physical body, but association. That would be makes sense why she would choose the recipients of this power of her seeds to be like herself. So I wonder if that too means I do think it's women in this case, but is it even more than that as a, to those who are willing to receive that wisdom and hone it in the same way?

Hmm that's beautiful. So to me that is a lot about people who are willing to form relationship, as opposed to people who are willing to control. And in a lot of ways that genders are pulled that way. And I've heard it argued that it's because I'm body it's because women have no choice. But to admit that there is something more powerful than them as their body's taken over once a month.

Wow. Well, men and get away with pretending that they have control in the world. Most of the time, of course, something's eventually going to happen to take their control away. And then there's a choice as to whether to respond to whatever takes away control as a relationship with the sacred and build that kind of relationship, or to try to get the power back and reconfirm.

And so my suspicion is that it's home. It will be the receiver of relationship, the ones to engage in relationship. Yes. One of the other things that's interesting about this story too, is that, Oh, then goes to the sear to ask about the deeds of gods and men. And she tells him that, and this is the story. I mean, that, what I shared with you is that part of it.

And then what the CIHR goes on to do is give him, I am the prophecy of Ragnarok, but what it strikes me that she does is she shows him she sows Odin, where are the seeds? So frog neuron came from which in quite a bit of it is due to him, himself and his actions and his choices, but also have these. I love the idea of those three giants that come in from the side, just kind of walking through the landscape, changing everything as they do.

So that notion of when can set things rolling, but still the feminine, the chaotic elements can shift and change those plans also. So, yeah, I, like I said earlier, I'm still in it. I feel like it will take some time to fully. See all there is. Yeah, that falls to me, the idea of the sins round on them and others around them in my mind, as it does in my mouth.

The idea that, uh, in sleeping beauty, you know, they invite 12 of the 13 barriers and the other fairies shows up to give a curse and the fairy that comes after her. So I can't counter the curse, but I can change its direction. And how important that is not to, you know, the difference between taking something head on and confronting it and combating it versus getting alongside of and redirecting it.

That's more of a, in my mind, every direction. So this jibes come down. Okay. You see this? We'll take your hand and play with it for a while instead of we're going to fight it. Yeah. And relationship instead of control. And in that relationship or in that ex, if that moment is extended or suddenly looked at within that moment, things open up to have their own story that can change.

The main story is everything can percolate together, make the necessary agreements, decisions, and be something else. Well, this is a story that will, you know, from my experience go forward into the week with you. And it's a story that one of you were saying that if I looked at it head on, I would be kind of confused, but when I let it percolate and then the insights kind of came from the side or they came from different directions.

So you may find if you ponder this story, You might just see what you see out of the corners of your eyes, rather than looking at it, head on. But what ideas do you have for carrying it forward into the week? That was sort of my takeaway. Just the idea. I'm actually experiencing a lot of change in my life right now, late, even though there's still change.

Um, but that idea of looking at every change instead of how will I react to this change, how do I create relationship with this change so that together we can create the best possible outcome from here? I liked that. I liked that as well. And I think for me, and taking in this story, I, I will choose to be more present and.

Whatever moment I'm in. There seems like a mundane moment or a stressful moment or scary moment, uh, frustrating women, whatever it may be. I want to look at those moments from a perspective of who am I now in the story, if this was a story, what is happening, if somebody was to look at it from a different perspective.

And if I saw myself as a heroine of that story, Would I act differently if I had the awareness of being observed and amend the story, I think I would act differently. And if that's the case, what is that about? Yeah, I've always been very, very bothered by the first sphere. Like it just seems so inappropriate.

Um, and at the same time, I do understand that sacrifice means to make sacred. And things must be sacrificed in order to bring...

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